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With over 40 years of experience in the vertical transportation industry, Sterling Elevator Consultants has the experience and resources to effectively serve your interests.

Pre-Purchase & Modification Assessments

Providing you with the elevator data necessary to make an accurate decision on building purchases, modifications and construction financing arrangements.

Elevator Contract & Renegotiations Review

We will conduct a formal review of your existing maintenance contract and assist with negotiating a modified agreement that reflects today’s economic conditions.

Elevator Performance Audits & Evaluations

Our series of audits will identify areas of efficiency and existing shortfalls that may impact the optimum flow of passenger traffic during peak and off-peak hours. The elevator evaluation enables you to determine the quality of your maintenance program.

Building Code Compliance

We provide services to ensure compliance with building code requirements, particularly with regard to violations, work permits, inspections, testing and final acceptance. We will also represent the client at hearings.

Feasibility Studies

We help you determine the short- and long-term viability of a particular elevator system and what is required to ensure peak performance.

Construction Support Services

Sterling works closely with the architectural community in areas of building design and the elevator construction phases of a project. We are available to assist you with bid analysis, preparation of specifications, code compliance, financial acceptance, and field monitoring.

Adaptive Reuse

Elevators and escalators are conveniences of modern life. One of the services we provide is assistance in cases of adaptive reuse, most often when an older property seeks to upgrade or add an elevator to its property.