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Recommended Elevator Safety Checklist

This form is to help you assess your own elevator safety. If you answer “NO” to any question below, immediately contact your elevator service provider for corrective action.

If you believe that you have an unsafe condition, remove the elevator from service prior to calling the service provider.

To get a professional assessment of the situation, please contact us.

Elevator Safety Checklist

Elevator Safety Checklist

Elevator Condition

1. Is the elevator in good working order as far as it relates to:
Proper leveling
Door reopening devices
Button function
Alarm bell
Emergency telephone, if available
2. Is the floor in each elevator and hoistway area well-maintained and free of slipping hazards?
3. Is each elevator area well-lit so that passengers can view misleveling easily?
4. Does the elevator have working emergency lighting? (Request elevator mechanic to test when on site)
5. Are you familiar with the elevator control buttons that passengers may need to use? ( Door open, Alarm, etc.)
6. Are plants or furniture close enough to the elevator that they may present a tripping hazard?
7. Is the elevator clearly marked?
8. Are the elevator interiors and hoistway entrances clean?
9. Are the stairways clearly marked for use during a fire or when the elevator is out of service?