Ben Durst


STAFF ENGINEER: Sterling Elevator Consultants, Inc;
Denver, CO | 2022-Present

Acted as a moderator between elevator contractors and building managers. Conducted field surveys of privately owned and public buildings and facilities. Made Staff Engineer after 18 months experience and passing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

CIVIL ENGINEER: EVstudios; Denver, CO | 2021-2022

Designed retaining walls in AutoCAD based on topographical and geographical data. Designed critical structural components of residential houses from architectural plans. Completed design plans that were stamped by a professional engineer (PE) and used in the field.

ENGINEERING INTERN: Sterling Elevator Consultants, Inc; Avon, CT | 2019-2021

Created professional reports of findings, possible elevator issues, and recommendations for clients. Analyzed and consolidated contractor bids.

SUMMER RESEARCHER: Research Assistant; Columbia, CT | 2016

Studied impact of nano-materials on landfill liners. Received a $4,000 grant from National Institute of Science. Communicated findings with PhD students and professors.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
Central Connecticut State University, May 2020.