About Us


Dear Reader:

Thank you for expressing an interest in Sterling Elevator Consultants, LLC and why our firm is unique when compared with other elevator consulting firms.

Sterling Elevator Consultants was established with the mission to provide cost savings for our clients while also minimizing the liability exposures that are inherent with all vertical transportation systems. Today’s competitive real estate market demands efficiency at lower operating costs and we have developed a system for delivering those results in vertical transportation related matters.

The quality that sets us apart from other firms is based on how we service and bill our clients. First, our rates are based on a competitive per elevator or hourly basis depending on a client’s specific needs. Secondly, once we complete our survey and inform you of our findings, we then sit in on a meeting with your service provider to establish logistics and timeframes for addressing any deficiencies. Once an agreement is reached by all parties, a follow up inspection is scheduled to ensure compliance.

Historically, a typical elevator consultant would bill the client on a per elevator rate averaging $500 to $1,000 per elevator and conclude once they issued a report with their Findings. That scenario leaves the client with the added responsibility of coordinating the resolution of any problems and having to pay extra for further consultant representation.

Our firm is successful because we know the elevator industry and we keep our overhead down. This operating principle provides value to our clients who are in need of service evaluations, inspections, modernization projects and new installations.

It is my hope that the above information is helpful and please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

Very truly yours,
John F. Mundt, Sr.